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For 6 years we have been celebrating the International Jazz Day in Yerevan, organized by the Armenian Jazz Association and Mezzo Production. It is four years since we celebrated the first International Jazz Day in the history of the world, which we organized with the help of the Armenian Ministry of Culture and the National Museum of Arts and Sciences of Artsakh, with the support of the American Embassy in Armenia and the US State Department, and it is six years since it was celebrated in five years as the International Jazz Day of International Recognition of Music and Culture.

The Yerevan Wine Days are organised by the Areni Festival Fund and take place from 11 to 12 May in Saryan Street. Guests of the festival can enjoy music and various performances, taste watermelons, watch the competition for carving watermelons and much more. The festival will be held in the same location as in previous years, with the support of the Armenian Ministry of Culture and the National Museum of Arts and Sciences.

Visiting a festival in a new country is one of the many great ways to experience the local culture and its customs and traditions. This event is also a great opportunity to learn more about Armenia, take some cool photos, taste local food and enrich your travel experience. The festival is open to all travellers who enjoy a mixture of traditional and contemporary Armenian culture. It is free and suitable for travellers who enjoy a mix of local and international music, dance, art and cultural events.

The day ends with music and dance for the visitors, which add a spice to the day. This sweet festival is a chance to enjoy Armenian nature, culture and agriculture at the same time, both literally and figuratively.

We mentioned the beautiful cultural program that the Central Electoral Commission of Armenia had organized for the participants. This event brings together different countries and traditional cultures, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and others, to highlight communication methods that transcend differences. Enjoy talented people from all over the world and satisfy your inner cultural freak. Take part in the international jazz parade and be invited to the concert of the Yerevan State Chamber Choir.

If you want to see traditional Armenian clothing, you can also attend the Taraz Festival in Yerevan. In addition, visitors and tourists are welcomed by food stalls with a variety of traditional dishes, traditional crafts and artisans. Tourists who travel to Armenia taste delicious confectionery and take it home with special Armenian souvenirs. Experience Armenian hospitality, take part in water games, taste different wines of the country, attend a film festival and much more.

For travelers and tourists visiting the country, a great way to experience Armenia is to attend one of the ceremonies, attend a festival or have some fun. If you are planning a visit, it is best to coordinate your travel plans with an event so that you can attend the event, get to know the local culture and traditions and experience the mood and feelings of Armenians. The Tsitsernakaberd Museum is a must - see location all year round - but if you are travelling to Armenia at the end of April, take the opportunity to observe the ceremony and learn more about Armenian history.

On July 8th there are fun activities to participate in all over Armenia, but the dates vary. Another fun activity we can participate in is the Yerevan Color Run, which is organized in July at the Hamilar Complex.

Besides Gata, food stalls, drinks and traditional dances will provide fun and entertainment. During the festival there will be the opportunity to tell traditional stories, wear traditional costumes, play national musical instruments and present other central elements of our culture.

Film lovers should come to Yerevan and visit the Armenian Film Festival, the first of its kind in Armenia. The Wine Culture Festival is for all wine lovers interested in Armenian culture. Armenians love everything to do with beer and this festival is a great opportunity to combine beer, live music, dance and games.

The annual Yerevan Tea and Coffee Festival is a great opportunity to bring together lovers of aromatic and refreshing drinks. The two-day festival offers a variety of drinks, food and entertainment. Every year, this event gathers talented designers and fashion houses on a stage and represents Armenian and ancient culture in all its beauty.

The Tolma Festival has been held in Armenia since 2011, and this year it will take place near the Temple of Zvartnots. Besides the harvest of mulberries and the production of vodka, the ceremonies include the singing of Armenian songs, dancing of traditional dances and tasting of traditional dishes. Armenian government will lay 105 thousand flowers at the monument of eternal fire on behalf of all Armenians. The event is usually followed by the anniversary of Armenia's independence from the Ottoman Empire.

More About Yerevan

More About Yerevan