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Arianee Karakashian, a Canadian-Lebanese-Armenian artist, recently reflected on her childhood in Cyprus and set off for her homeland. When I went to school in Cyprus and met my ancestors who had fled the city of Adana during the genocide, I realised that even the Western Armenian cuisine was very different from that of my ancestors, and even more so when I met them in the village of Kavkaz, near the city of Yerevan in Northern Cyprus. But I only realised it when I was back here in Canada and went to school in Cyprus. And then I realized it only after I was back there, when I met his ancestor who fled to the city of Adana after the genocide, or even though it was known.

Armenian cuisine in the diaspora community, which is why it often distorts the food that is more common in Armenia in the Middle East today. Levantine refugees who cook very differently from the rest of Armenia's population , so it is more Middle Eastern distorted, but it also remains true to the same basic principles of cuisine as the majority of Armenians today.

Depending on what people ask for and where they want to come from, there are many different versions of it. There are many variations on this, and there are more variations depending on whom people have asked for it or where they come from: Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria.

Armenian cuisine in the country, but what we eat in Armenia is what makes it And when we eat it. This dish reflects a certain history of ancient Armenia and shows how skilled the Armenians were and still are in making this and other delicious recipes that require serious technique. Armenian cuisine in this country and what it means when you eat it.

This Soviet Armenian short film from 1962 reflects the importance of Armenian cuisine in this country and its significance in the history of the country.

While the late Anthony Bourdain highlighted Armenian food during his 2018 trip in his book "No Reservations," chef Marcus Samuelsson has focused on Armenian cuisine in his new book "Armenian Food in America." This is part of an ongoing series that examines the Armenian experience in America through food. Although Western Armenian cuisine is somewhat better known - well known - the focus is still on it because it provides the Eastern Armenian food. However, because of its proximity to the United States and the fact that it was delivered, it is more oriented towards Western Armenian food. While Western Armenian food has long been a staple of the American food scene, its focus has always been on Western Armenian food, because it is a few hundred miles from Eastern Armenian cuisine.

If you can't decide what to eat, take inspiration from this list of must - try Armenian food. Here I will add places in Yerevan where the food is really delicious (imagine that) and also give you some places outside the city where you can taste Armenian national food, but not in the same way as Western Armenian food.

Make sure you have this list of Armenian food at hand during your visit so that you can visit and taste them all. You can form your own personal opinion about Armenian cuisine in general and visit as many of these places as you like.

If you're hanging out in the Armenian capital, the Yerevan card is a big hit on your wallet. Choose the tour of Armenia that you like best and the tour operator Arara will organize it for you.

Whether you want to sample food or take a spiritual tour of the country, Armenia has a lot to offer travelers. One thing that should not be forgotten in Armenia is the food that reflects the traditions and history of ancient Armenia. These are the most representative dishes of Armenian cuisine that Armenians around the world enjoy in restaurants and family celebrations throughout Armenia and they are considered hangover remedies. This meal is very common in many parts of Armenia and includes dishes such as kibbeh, baklava, kimchi, tzatziki, to name just a few, and many others.

If you need a break from lava and shish kebab, there are a number of restaurants in Yerevan that will surely wake your palate up to the Armenian food you have eaten. Khash is one of the delicacies to try if you ever get into town And it is a dessert or sweet dish of Armenian cuisine that you cannot resist and that you do not eat. If you are on a diet in Armenia, there are desserts and sweet dishes from the Armenian cuisine that you cannot eat. Armenian kebab (khorovat) is the most popular dish in the country and can also be tasted with lamb, beef, chicken and khorovats.

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More About Yerevan