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Va. - Hilton Worldwide (NYSE: HLT) today announced the opening of the Hilton Yerevan City Centre, the company's first hotel in Armenia in more than a decade. Hilton Worldwide has announced the completion of a $1.2 billion investment in the hotel and development project of the new hotel, with the goal of becoming the company's first hotel outside Armenia.

The hotel's 176 rooms are located on the ground floor of Yerevan city centre, in the heart of the Armenian capital, and offer spacious multifunctional meeting facilities that can accommodate up to 700 people. The 176-room hotel is located at the intersection of two major arteries, the Armenia-Armenia highway and the Armenian National Road. It has a wide range of spacious, multifunctional meeting facilities that can accommodate over 700 delegates in a single room, as well as a variety of private and public meeting rooms.

The hotel offers exceptional accommodation with full service and has 176 comfortable rooms, each of which offers a fully equipped fitness and wellness center. Each room is equipped with luxurious bathrooms, furniture and paintings and has its own private and public meeting room and private dining room. The hotel has a wide range of private meeting rooms and a variety of public spaces with comprehensive facilities such as private study rooms, a gym and a fully equipped fitness and wellness centre.

The 24-hour lobby bar offers traditional Armenian coffee or fresh juice, or you can enjoy fresh juices with mixed fruits and vegetables in the afternoon. Sit back in the sauna or Turkish bath, sip a cocktail or enjoy chilled music at the glamorous Sky Bar. Guests can visit the on-site restaurant or take advantage of in-room dining services and choose from a wide selection of delicious dishes such as chicken, lamb, beef, pork, chicken and fish.

This will give you the right energy to start your day with a healthy dose of fresh fruit, vegetables and fresh fruit juices. This gives you a good start to the day and a great way to start it off with the right energy.

DoubleTree Hilton Yerevan City Centre is located in Yrevan, Republic Square is 1 km from the property, Zvartnots International Airport is 3.5 km away and Jarevan Train Station is 3-5 km away.

The international airport of Zvartnots is located about 11 km from the hotel, which is the shortest distance from the hotels, while Republic Square is 1.5 km away and Yarevan Railway Station is 3-5 km away. Zvarts nots International Airport is located approximately 11 km from the centre of Yerevan and is located near the hotel. It is the closest airport to Yarevan Airport and the nearest railway station in the centre of Yerevan, 10 km from Republic Square and 2 km from Yaredvan Railway Station.

If you are looking for a comfortable place to stay and use as a base for exploring Yerevan and the surrounding area, DoubleTree Hilton Hotel recommends this place. Guests staying in the Hilton Yarevan City Centre double room will enjoy being close to the city centre, Republic Square and Yaredvan railway station, as well as the airport and train station. Guests staying at Doubletree HiltonYerevans City Centre will enjoy being close enough to Yrevan Airport and Zwarnots International Airport, as well as the train station and airport. Guests staying at the Yervan city centre double hotel, the Z varts nots international airport or the train station will enjoy being close to the centre of Yarvan, in front of the hotel and at a distance of 2 km from the airport.

If you are looking for a place with a fascinating culture, landscape and gastronomy, we urge you to put Armenia on your travel list.

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