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Va. - Hilton Worldwide (NYSE: HLT) today announced the opening of the first of its new hotels in Armenia, the Hilton Yerevan Waterfront Hotel. The hotel is located in the beautiful and upscale waterfront development, just a short walk from the city's waterfront and the Armenian National Congress Centre. Situated on the waterfront in the heart of Armenia's most popular tourist destination, the hotel offers a spacious, multifunctional meeting facility that can accommodate up to 700 people. The meeting room in the lighthouse, which has a full-service dining room, meeting rooms and a conference centre, can accommodate 130 banquets and can be divided into smaller groups.

Grande Lodge offers a complimentary full hot breakfast buffet, served daily, with wine from Monday to Thursday and a wine and beer garden, served Monday to Thursday. Guests at DoubleTree by Hilton will be welcomed with open arms throughout their stay and continue to enjoy relaxed and friendly service. Guests at Doubletree and Hilton Yerevan Waterfront Hotel are welcomed and welcomed by a friendly staff and their friendly guests, and this will continue throughout their stay.

Both DoubleTree and Hilton Yerevan City Centre participate in the Hilton HHonors (r) Loyalty Program, the largest and most comprehensive hotel loyalty program for hotel guests in the world. Both Doubletree and Hotel are eligible for free parking in the city center, and both participate in Hilton's HHonor (tm) loyalty programs, which are one of the most prestigious and largest loyalty programs for hotels in Armenia.

DoubleTree and Hilton are defined by their unique culture of care, which stands for creating rewarding experiences for guests, team members and the community. DoubleTree & Hilton is defined by its unique "CARE," which stands for "reward experiences" that create "reward experiences" for guests, team members, the community and all of us.

Fitness and leisure facilities, including heated indoor pools and spas, an illuminated gazebo and a fitness centre. Guests can also enjoy a spa and fitness area, which includes an indoor pool, an outdoor heated pool and a spa, as well as a comfortable lounge area for guests and team members. Guests can also enjoy a spa and fitness center, which includes an outdoor pool with heated terrace, a cosy lounge and an outdoor gym.

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Guests of DoubleTree Hilton Yerevan City Centre will enjoy being part of one of the largest and most luxurious hotels in the world in Armenia. Additional comfort and amenities are offered in the form of a full-service restaurant, bar, fitness center, gym and gym. Guests staying at DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Doubletree HiltonYerevans will be happy to be part-time or full-time guests at a luxury hotel with amenities such as a private pool, private shower and private dining room, and free Wi-Fi.

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More About Yerevan