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Hyatt Hotels Corporation announced today that Hyatt Partners have signed an agreement to build a new hotel in Yerevan, Armenia's second largest city. Hyatts Place Yrevan is owned by the Ararat Group, a Moscow-based construction company with a long history in Armenia, which is also responsible for a number of its projects, including the Ararat Park HyATT in Moscow. It owns Hyat Place in the capital of Armenia, Arat Park in Karabakh, and several other hotels and resorts in Europe, together with its subsidiaries.

In his role, Stojcic is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the hotel, including supervising hotel employees and ensuring that guests experience the targeted service Hyatt Place is known for. In this capacity, he is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Yrevan Hotel, Hyatt Square in Yerevan and Ararat Park in Karabakh. As Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, he is also responsible for day-to-day operations at both hotels, including monitoring the hotel's employees and ensuring that guests experience the focused service Hyatt is known for around the world.

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The Hyatt Place brand is a unique and refreshing concept and we believe it will be a very successful hotel for business people, tourists and visitors to the Armenian capital. Yerevan is an exciting addition to the Hyatts brand with all the amenities we expect from exotic new locations. Ginekar, a limited liability company, is proud to have developed the first HyATT Place Hotel in Armenia. The opening of Hy Hatt Place in Yarevan is an important milestone for us in the global rollout of the brand, "said John D'Agostino, President and CEO of Hyott Hotels.

The hotel is ideal for guests wishing to explore a variety of the city's unique cultural, cultural and business opportunities in Yarevan, Armenia, including Yerevan International Airport, the National Museum of Armenia and the Armenian National Center of Arts and Humanities, as well as a number of restaurants, bars and cafes. The hotel has been the subject of several media reports and interviews with guests looking forward to a number of new and exciting experiences at the Hyatt Place Hotel in Armenia, including a number of special events, such as the opening of a new restaurant, concert hall, restaurant and bar.

Located in the centre of Yerevan, Hyatt Place is known for its well-designed surroundings, high-quality amenities and high quality service. Yarevan has a wide range of restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants and is conveniently located near some of the area's most famous sights and attractions, including the National Museum of Armenia, the Armenian National Center for Arts and Humanities and the Serenity Singing Church.

Hyatt Place is very close to Marriott, which means it is about a 15-minute drive from the airport. The Marriott Hotel enjoys a great location on Republic Square, while the Hyatt Hotel is within walking distance of the central business district of Yerevan and the National Museum of Armenia and the Armenian National Center for Arts and Humanities.

From the outside, Hyatt Place looks more like an office building than a hotel, and rooms look out over the parking lot and surrounding buildings. The view is not exactly impressive, although it is still better than the view from the Marriott, but still not great.

The dining room is wide open, as is the lobby, and has a good number of seats, but, much like the Marriott, you forget that the hotel is largely empty. The only other notable amenity of this hotel is the gym, which is open 24 hours a day, but extremely simple. On the ground floor, we enjoyed the same amenities you would find anywhere in a Hyatt Place, such as a pool and fitness center.

Yerevan is a complimentary buffet breakfast that includes freshly made breakfast sandwiches and steel cutlery. The kitchen Skillet offers a wide selection of freshly prepared sandwiches as well as a grab-n-go suitcase with sandwich and handmade salad. In this case, you will have access to a wide range of fresh fruits, vegetables and a wide range of drinks and snacks.

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More About Yerevan