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The following is reported on the closure of the Holiday Inn Express Yerevan and the opening of Crowne Plaza in the city of Armenia. The holiday hotel in the former Crowned Plaza Hotel in the Armenian capital is the Holiday Hotel, which will be in operation until 2018 Inn express Yrevan. Crownes Plaza Yarevan will be the first hotel at its new location and will close on 1 January 2019, according to a press release from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

The dominant axial direction of the complex is Teryan Street, and the vertical volume of this hotel is highlighted. Crowne Plaza Yerevan will have 98 rooms, including a hotel lobby, restaurant and bar, as well as a conference centre. On the upper floors there is a large leak that unites the rooms and brightens the room. The hotel lobbies, which are spread out over a wide area, are concentrated in a thick distribution and welcome travellers as they pass through the corridors from the main entrance, the entrance to the hotel and other rooms in the building.

The two broad sides of the hexagon are concentrated on the picturesque mountains of Ararat and Aragat, which are so dear to the citizens of Yerevan and which have been visible since childhood and which present themselves warmly to the guests of the capital. The location maximizes the view of Teryan Mountain, the highest mountain in Armenia, as well as the city center. It offers a magnificent view of Mount Gagik, one of the most famous mountains in Armenia and the main tourist attraction.

Nearby are several administrative offices and embassies, including the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United States Embassy and the State Department, as well as the State Department, making this a convenient location for guests staying at this hotel. Yeritasardakan Metro Station is just a 5-minute walk from the hotel, providing direct access to Republic Square. All the major sights of the Armenian capital, including the Yerevan Town Hall, the Armenian Parliament and many other buildings, such as Teryan Mountain, Ararat and Aragat, are within walking distance.

The conference centre and the wellness centre of the hotel are completely independent and both are easily accessible by car or public transport. All areas of the hotel are accessible from Yeritasardakan Metro Station, Yerevan City Hall and Republic Square. The hotel is bordered by the Teryan, Ararat and Aragat mountain ranges and the Armenian National Park.

The same consideration was also taken into account in the design and construction of the hotel's exterior and interior as well as the interior. The division of the mass into several bands reveals a variety of architectural elements, such as interior walls, floors, ceilings, walls and ceilings.

The Intercontinental Hotel is located in the heart of Yerevan, right on Mount Ararat, one of Armenia's most famous landmarks. The services are located at an angle to the main facade, so that it is facing Mount Ararat and not directly in front of it, as in other hotels.

The building offers a small area that can be used by individuals and groups, and it is one of the best places in the city. This gives the impression that a first-class architectural concept has been developed not only for the hotel but also for the surrounding area.

The place reminds of a citadel and reminds of the location - of citadel in Erepouni, which reminds of the past fortified towns and places that offered travelers refuge and hospitality. The construction method is oriented to the surrounding landscape, which is associated with the shape of the tower, the hotel and the apartments (see pictures). The shape and design of the place are similar to the citadels in the city of Yerevan, which recall the built citadels of E repounis, but also to places such as the fortifications of the cities that were fortified in the past, sanctuaries and refuges, hospitality and refuges for travelers. The design of the building is oriented towards the surrounding landscape and surroundings.

The portal is located on the axis of the Via Teryan and is oriented to the south-east towards Mount Ararat. The proportions are inspired by khatchkars, a symbol of popular culture, and the stone is carved and shaped in a form similar to the walls of the E repounis citadel in Yerevan.

The complex is located 800 - 900 m above the centre of the Arara Valley in Yerevan, at the crossroads of Via Teryan and the main road between the city centre and Mount Aratar. The top floor is on the second floor, in front of a large outdoor garden with views over the valley and beyond a small garden.

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More About Yerevan