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In Yerevan, the capital of the Republic of Armenia, a handful of Boston businessmen are hoping that guests will check in for the night.

When the country was under Communist rule and the hotel was simply Armenia Hotel, there was no electricity or hot water, showers were rare and a flashlight was needed to bring guests up and down the stairs. There were no remote controlled televisions or paid movies in the room, the hot water telephone had answering machines, but at that time the countries were under communist rule.

As someone who has been to the property before, I am sure I have been told this by others, but many people have been walking around and since it was just before Christmas there were still all sorts of decorations. People made me feel at home immediately, although some of my friends who had heard that I was coming to Armenia for work exclaimed where we were going.

First of all, you need to know everything about the hotel's activities, but not everything. And last but not least, you should be aware of everything that is going on in all areas and departments of this hotel and be dedicated to your work. You can get away with it without experience, so it is good to be clear about everything and show it to those who know.

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You have to be patient at the beginning, especially because it can be difficult to teach them all the procedures, rules and standards if you are a branded hotel and for those who are not, to set up their own procedures and rules. You also have to work hard because you need the life of the hotel that is dedicated to you, so it can be extremely difficult to try to separate it from the rest of the world.

So I strongly believe that a general manager should have experience in different departments of the hotel, and in this case I have worked in all of them. I was deputy finance director for only one year and stayed there for four months, then I returned to Bucharest to take up the position of finance director, but then I stayed in this position for almost nine years. Over the last two years I have worked in other departments to gain more experience and presence. Later they asked me to move to my current position in Armenia, so I was Deputy Finance Director for the last three years and Director General for the last three months.

I only spent two days in Yerevan, with my flight arriving at 1 a.m. and leaving two days later at 3 a.m. So I decided to book the hotel for three nights because I managed to sleep until 11pm, which is a much needed rest before the flight, which leaves late or early depending on how you want to look at it. The third night I booked the Marriott, but the flights were scheduled for the same time as the first two nights and the 3am departure meant too much time in my hotel room. So after a few hours of sleep and a good night's sleep, I finally decided to stay for a third night at this hotel.

Yerevan is a fairly centralized city, so I was able to explore some of the sights on foot, and the Marriott is really in a great location.

The Level 1 conference room is accessible from the lobby, and Level 2 conference rooms are located on the second floor of the hotel, next to the main foyer. The Level 3 hotel room with its own entrance is a great place for business meetings and other meetings, as well as for private events.

We have to be careful how we select our suppliers and be aware that if the quality is compromised and our customers are not satisfied and their impression of the hotel is not good, they will not come back. Marriott is very good at getting people out of other hotels so they know the rules and procedures. It is difficult to find staff because some bright minds and good professionals have left Armenia and most of them work in Russia.

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More About Yerevan