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The Armenian Genocide Memorial was unveiled on Thursday, April 23, during a historic ceremony in Yerevan, Armenia, attended by over 4,000 people.

This ancient Armenian destination also has a lot to offer, but my favorite part of the Silk Road hotel is that it is more than a hotel, it is an art. In addition to cultural activities, the hotel also houses a women's museum and a woman who weaves carpets in the breakfast room during the day.

The oldest preserved Armenian carpet, made between the 5th and 3rd centuries BC, is exhibited in the Hermitage Museum on the St. Armenian knitwear brand, founded in 2014. The creation of artworks that adorn the carpets we weave is the goal of the Armenian Association of Carpet Weavers, which was founded to collect, preserve and exhibit carpet weavers of Armenian origin and to preserve tradition by providing a workplace for professional weavers.

The Silk Road Hotel has 13 rooms, including single, double and triple, and each room is decorated with traditional Armenian carpets and offers a variety of amenities including hot water, hot showers and hot baths. The large multi-level garden with balconies is full of sculptures, including the Armenian Khakhkar cross stone, baked Armenian bread and lava ash. Armenian kings Tigran the Great, whose Armenian kingdom he founded in four cities called Tigranakert, was built in the first century BC.

There is a refined décor and comfortable amenities, and it reflects the traditional Armenian themes, which have been brilliantly implemented. Yerevan hostels offer an artists "room where you can relax with curtains, pod beds and cosy sofas in a cosy atmosphere.

Ethnographer Hranush Kharatyan says that the anti-Armenian policy that Azerbaijan has pursued in recent decades is actually threatening the fate of many cultural and historical monuments. Some sites have been damaged, while officials and experts warn that "the Azerbaijani side may be trying to destroy others and deny other links to Armenian history. Ethnographers, historians, scientists, artists, writers, musicians and other cultural professionals are also of interest. Just as whiteness itself is constantly defined and redefined by the ever-changing borders of the Middle East and North Africa, so are the hundreds of thousands of Armenians living in America today.

Armenian culture is represented in the arts, from the performing arts to music, literature, art history, film, television, music and literature.

The Armenian tradition of carpet weaving and art also plays a major role in the historical aspects of Armenian life. In general, weaving itself is the most important part of the carpet weaving process in Armenia, especially the weaving of carpets with woolen warp. Armenian craftsmen traditionally used double knots when weaving a carpet, which allowed them to live longer. Visitors to Armenia will find many regions inspired by jewelry, such as the region of the Armenian capital Yerevan and many other regions.

Armenian rugs are called Armani - baf, which literally means "Armenian knot" in Armenian, a nod to the traditional double knots of the Armenian Orthodox Church.

Old Armenian manuscripts show that the first inhabitants of the village Stanoz came from Cilicia in the 15th century. The province of Utik in Artsakh is said to have been part of the Armenian kingdom of Jervandouni (Orontids) from the 4th to 2nd century BC. The inhabitants of the village of Stonoz, who were skilled carpet weavers of Armenian authors, still insist on the Soviet view of 1987.

If you are looking for a hotel in Yerevan where you can stay in Armenia, this is the Silk Road Hotel, which I consider to be one of the best hotels in Yerevan. I have stayed in many hotels, but I can say without a doubt that I will definitely come back and bring my family and friends. Armenian experience you have at this hotel, and that will make the whole experience wonderful! I've stayed in hotels like this before And I thought it was a high-rise hotel But when you go outside, you have a good view of all the hotels in Yerevan, even if they are high-rise buildings or ordinary hotels.

The Silk Road Hotel is more than a boutique hotel in Yerevan, it is a truly deserved foundation of Armenian history and culture.

Tufenkian Historic Yerevan Hotel features a traditional Kharpert restaurant, which offers a variety of traditional dishes from Armenia's most popular restaurants, as well as a wide selection of local and international food and drinks. Armenian culture consists in the fact that there are no external influences or things that are uniquely Armenian. When you consider that Armenia is home to some of the oldest woven carpets, ceramics, textiles, jewellery and art in the world, it is important to bear in mind that this is a country with a rich history, rich traditions and a unique way of life, whether in the fields of art, crafts, handicrafts or even carpet weaving.

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