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On 7 May 2018 we welcome ArtoTuncboyaciyan, Serj Komitas, member of the Armenian National Symphony Orchestra of Turkey, and his family. Armenian folk music and expanded its scope by educating his children and grandchildren. From 1896 to 1899 he attended a music conservatory in Berlin, where he studied modal music, which is known in Armenia as "modal" and is known in Turkey and worldwide. He is a well-known Turkish musician who has currently enjoyed a successful career as a singer, songwriter, conductor, composer, pianist, musician and actor.

After his return to Akhmiazin, Komitas began to write and arrange works that used the popular elements of Armenian music. Alin wanted to give the diasporans a taste of Armenian music and to make them want to do their own research and discovery.

Let us immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of Armenian music and study some of the most important pieces of music from Armenia's past, present and future. With great songs and great music, this music is about bringing Armenian culture and world culture to the world outside Armenia and beyond. I hope you would also be fascinated by the music of other countries such as Russia, China, Iran, Turkey and the Middle East.

Komita's contribution to Armenian music is immense, considering that he was the founder of modern Armenian classical music. Cara Rosehope wrote: 'The music of Armenian national instruments survived the Armenian genocide because there was not a single record of it. It is possible to collect the oldest and longest tradition of "Armenian music" in the form of a collection of the most important pieces from the past, present and future.

Arto likes to describe the "Armenian Navy Band" as "the music of Armenia that suggests something about the band, but limits it a little." There are great bands that have managed to make jazz, rock and other oriental music. This dance - a style oriented towards Armenian music - preserved the folk songs and dances of Western Armenia, using Armenian and Middle Eastern folk instruments, which were often electrified and amplified. When Eastern Armenia became a satellite state of the Soviet Union, music changed dramatically.

There is also the Shoghaken Folk Ensemble, which was founded in Yerevan in 1995, and the Armenian Folk Orchestra of Armenia. About 93 percent of the population is Armenian, but the majority of Armenians live elsewhere in the world. Armenian Christian Church is the centre of parish life and for centuries Armenia has been as large as it once was, with a population of 1.5 million people.

Apart from being the pride of Armenia and Armenians, the Armenian Naval Band is a voice for humanity. Armenian culture and do what they can to play great Armenian music, promote and popularize their image. They familiarize the diasporans with modern Armenian music and inspire them to experience the music of their culture differently.

The ANB's music embodies Armenia's light and color, and each song is a glimpse of a proud and enduring culture. The cooperation between Armenian diaspora musicians and Armenian musicians goes back to the beginnings of the Armenian National Band and the first years of its existence. This combination of these two traditions is evident in contemporary music, and a feature of today's "Armenian jazz" is imbued with a strong sense of pride in the history and heritage of their country.

In addition to the exhibition hall and galleries, the Center is also working on the creation of the Cafesjian Center for Arts and Music Series, organized by the Armenian National Orchestra (ANB) and the Arts & Music Center of Yerevan, and is planning a series of concerts to be performed in the coming months and in other locations in Armenia and abroad.

PANALI was founded in 2013 and is led by the award-winning singer and percussionist Arto Tuncboyaciyan. PANALI has been playing avant-garde Armenian folk for over 20 years. The programme and its flagship group perform and disseminate Western and classical music from Armenia. ANB is one of the leading orchestras in the world, not to mention its unique personality.

The Armenian Dance Summit brings together dancers from all over Armenia, and performances in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, are an integral part of the workshop. The event is organized by the School of Arts and Sciences, a school founded at the University of California. Naira has an association of Armenian composers, which has published a number of albums as well as a number of short films and books. In 2014, Tankian released an Armenian-language ballad called Hayastane to raise money for Coronavirus Aid in Armenia.

The choir has performed numerous works by Armenian contemporary composers, including the composers Aram Khachaturyan and Arno Babajanyan. Andorr's serenity arose from his connection with the jazz visionary and friend Vardan Ovsepian and the reinvention of Armenian folk music in a way never heard before.

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