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Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is the largest city in Armenia and a great place to start your holiday in Armenia. The historic city is dotted with bars, clubs and lounges and the culture does not distinguish between weekdays and weekends. While many bars are not open all night, others stay late and become social hubs for after-work fun. Yerevan nightlife is known to many as a city that never sleeps. It is no surprise that the streets of Yerevan are populated by locals celebrating with friends and taking a walk well after three o'clock on a Tuesday morning.

The Omega, Pioneer and Cabaret Charlotte nightclubs offer interesting shows from 11 pm to midnight and the concert part of the show starts at 9 pm on time. At 11 pm begins a night of erotic shows presented by invited "Russia, Ukraine and other countries." Then exotic dance and striptease shows start from 4 to 5 am and last until 4.30 am.

The DJ only plays the latest MTV dance features, but his drinks list is equally impressive. After the party there will be live music from the DJ and a DJ from the dance club "Dance Club."

If someone tells you that this bar doesn't offer juice, don't believe them, just remember that you might be the only one there drinking juice. This is the cheapest drink you can find in almost every bar in Yerevan, although sometimes a small fee is charged for entry.

Located on the roof of the Yerevan Plaza building, this bar produces specialty drinks, so be sure to try their berry cocktail. The bar serves specialities and the cuisine serves delicious fish and meat dishes. If you are in Yrevan, check out this club on lively Teryan Street in central Yarevan. The club offers 3 rooms and sections with different themes, and you can enjoy and add food and drinks while being entertained by strip shows and erotic dances.

Visit the Cabaret Charlotte, which will always inspire you with its original design and promises an unforgettable feeling and a life experience. With the design of the bar and the elegant attention to service, this is the place to be if you want to enjoy panoramic views of a beautiful city while sipping your drink of choice and listening to trendy music. It gives you the feeling of being at the top of the world and it is one of the most popular nightlife destinations in Armenia.

A few drinks with your friends are perfect for an evening in the city with a great view of Armenia's beautiful skyline. It's the rare time when a live band graces the stage and a bit of System Down is thrown in for good causes.

If you want to sip a good wine and listen to relaxed jazz, Club 12 is the place to be. All you need is to simply sit on the comfortable sofa and enjoy the beautiful view of Armenia's beautiful skyline from the top of the building. Here you can enjoy good jazz music and feel relaxed thanks to the friendly and attentive staff, who will not leave you dissatisfied.

If you are the type who likes to try out a few bars in one evening and enjoy Armenian nightlife, then you should check out the clubs, bars, pubs and music halls listed here. One of the best clubs is called the Cigar Zone by the locals, an elite jazz club, which is more for non-smokers than for smokers and for which there is Cigal Zone.

The design of the bar alone shows the passion of the owners for bicycles, but that does not mean that this bar is for you. It is always full of people with different preferences and preferences and this is its target audience, yet it offers its guests a great time.

The best place to hang out and dance is the bunker, which has a large lounge upstairs. The lounge may be one of the most versatile places in Yerevan, but some mornings it also serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and even a small dance party. It's worth ducking into Dargett's to eat and drink and then stopping by next door to visit Simona's "Upstairs," which is also a great place to start the night with dinner.

If you like jazz, in my experience the night usually escalates somewhere much louder and crazier, and so the music plays in the club. Here you can eat, listen to trendy music and drink in selected bars. Honestly, this is the only place in Yerevan where I can enjoy a bit of head shaking, although I certainly won't do that in a jazz bar.

The bar organizes concerts all the time, such as the annual "Touching the Earth" concert, a concert of the best jazz musicians in the world. After the concert, Mezzo organizes various events, including concerts by the best musicians of Yerevan and other parts of Armenia, as well as concerts in Armenia and abroad. Currently, the club is home to artists such as Gagik Sargsyan, Arshakyan, Gevorgyan and many others.

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More About Yerevan