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If you have Armenian roots or are visiting the country for the first time, you will find the perfect Armenian souvenir or gift for Armenia. Where to find imaginative products - cycling products that simply shout "Armenia" and where to find them at the best prices.

This Yerevan shop grows like a weed and visitors will find a wide range of items for sale, from souvenirs and gifts to clothing and accessories. Here you will find everything from clothes to accessories, jewelry, shoes, accessories and much more, all at a reasonable price.

This antique carpet shop is also a great place to look around if you're in Yerevan during the week. If you want to buy real handmade rugs, you can visit the Megerian Carpet Shop, located in the centre of Yrevan on Abovyan Street.

There are several important buildings housing the Armenian government, and visiting the market is a great opportunity to get the most out of your new city. This is an old Armenian souvenir shop in the centre of Yerevan, which also happens to be the oldest street in Yerevan. With such a long and rich history and a flourishing culture, it has contributed much to some things to see and do in and around Yarevan Armenia. From art galleries to restaurants, shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels, there is so much to do and experience that Jervan is a place to look forward to.

If you want to enjoy the feeling of a local food market, visit Gumi Shuka Market in Yerevan. If you want to shop with the locals, you can also shop at the local markets in other parts of the city such as Tbilisi.

As well as the pomegranate souvenirs, you will also find items that reproduce Mount Ararat, as well as souvenir shops selling Armenian souvenirs. Here you can also buy traditional "Armenian souvenirs," such as traditional pom - chips, pomesapples and other traditional Armenian items.

An entertaining visit, as you often come across individual labels when browsing the shelves. So you won't miss out on buying one and returning it to your hometown as a souvenir once and for all. When shopping in Yerevan, everything "Armenian" is included in the shop, and it is always fun to visit.

As you can see, you can shop really cheaply if you know where to shop and how to haggle. Those who love a good bargain have no choice but to shop in Yerevan, one of the most expensive cities in the world.

According to the management, the best-selling items are those that represent the history, culture, heritage, art and culture of Armenia, as well as its culture and heritage. Another popular tourist spot is the "Treasures of Nina" store, which showcases a collection of clothes made by Nina Hovnanyan's couture company. But this shop has much more to offer, including ceramics, jewelry, clothing, accessories and other items. Here you will find Armenian souvenir shops, where you can find a wide selection of Armenian souvenirs to take with you.

If you are interested in exploring more shops in Yerevan and other parts of Armenia, as well as the rest of the country, read our guide to the most popular tourist attractions in the Armenian capital.

If you are looking for cheap shopping in Yerevan, visit the main local markets or read our guide to the most popular shops in the city and other parts of Armenia. We will soon publish a restaurant guide for Yrevan, but here is a list of places not to be missed when you travel to Yarevan, including places where you can buy cosmetics that are ethically made with local ingredients from Armenia. If you decide to go on a wine tour of Armenia, you can visit the ArArAt cognac factory where you can buy the famous "Armenian cognac."

In this respect, you will certainly find some nice clothes for your friends and relatives. Armenians are such good dressers, and Yerevan has a nice selection of clothes, shoes and accessories that spring up especially in the center of the country. In the centre of the city there is a small shop called "Z.A. Store," the only one of its kind in the whole of Yarevan. We must add that there are several other shops worth visiting, including, in particular, the Yrevan Mall, an amazing variety of food and beverage markets, and a wide selection of restaurants and bars.

We offer you some special items from Armenia that you should see in Yerevan and other parts of the country, such as the capital Yrevan.

We hope that you will find something in one of the above mentioned shops that you can put in your fireplace to represent your trip to Armenia. Tour operator Arara organizes a tour of Yerevan, Yrevan and other parts of Armenia and other places in the country. Choose Which Armenia tour you like best, and choose from the list of shops in our list below for more information.

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More About Yerevan